FPC Market Trend

The main application of FPC is for cellular phone, it'll progress rapidly covering the Greater China & Europe. Japan and Korea will develop the market towards the trend of high-exchanging, mature and multi-function.
It's predicted that Europe, US, and China will develop towards multi-function products after 2005. Therefore, the world market's requirement for FPC will be more and more.

  Future Priority of Taiwan FPC Industries
FPC with high function will occupy major market-share in the future.
So far We have overseas purchase order from world-wide manufacturers, and made sure to meet their requirements.
We devote to the research of technical development for high density of FPC in the future.
Making full use of overseas producing experiences and local human resources.
We make sure and maintain the superiority of high quality, stable supply and lower cost through combining Taiwanese excellent talent and technology with Japanese strictly control and work-dividing of production management.
No matter in quality, production or cost, Taiwanese FPC industries have quite superiority, because we have own production line.
We make sure all materials, like the supply of copper foil and so on.

  Competitive Superiority

The base film substitute FPC for PCB,till 2005, the thickness shrinks from 100μm to 30~50μm, and the bump pitch shrinks form 50μm to 30μm. Because the flip-phone needs to be smaller, thinner and lighter, the requirement gradually changes PCB into FPC, even more pursuing higher specification and quality of FPC.