J&T flex Tech. is the best partner to cooperate for “high end flex”in electronic product field. We can offer the effective of “multilayer”,”thinnest”,”tiniest”3D package to meet the future needs. We dedicate in thinner and thinner of flex technology for “FPD”and “IC substrate”.
Our team’s experience has more than 10 years in FPC manufacturing field. Our two excellent abilities are over companion, and that is in handle the material and equipment’s development .
We have absolute superiority for the processing accuracy and the stability of high end FPC product.
We dedicate in double-sided submicro layout of flex circuit, and the main applications are as below:

  Products of FPC

  IC substrate’s market

Because of semiconductor manufacturing technology’s constant progress, IC assembly needs to increase the stability and to expand the data flow, so the IC substrate substitute for leadframe.
According to the estimation of market research institution, the IC assembly amount of chip scale package (CSP),ball grid array (BGA) and pin grid array(PGA) will expand to 126 billion pcs of 2005 from 52 billion pcs of 2001, the compound growth rate is about 25%. Thereamong, the rate of progression of the flexible substrate output value in the world had increased 23.2%, so we can not ignore the flex product requirement in the IC substrate’s market