FPC Market Trend

With the coming of information technology explosion, it leads people to the top of technology and fashion. However it not only makes electronics and it’s related industries prosperous , but also brings consumer electronics market more activities.
For the time being, the electronic products have gradually combined 3C in one for the usage and design. In order to catch consumer’s attentions, the trend products’ features will be lighter, thinner, shorter, smaller, easy operation and easy to bring with. FPC’s characteristics exactly fit the design target of electronic goods, and it’s application can be expanded to all electronic products. Such as cellular phone, PDA, digital electronic product, network communication, other hot digital products and so on.

Under the continuous impact of high technology, the market of consumer electronics is growing up rapidly, therefore the application market of FPC is estimated to grow up instantly in the near future. Certainly, FPC will be a key component in all electronic products.

TFT-LCD Module
Double-sided FPC
Gold Platting :> 0.075 um
Width :> 150 mm
Application for 7"TFT-LCD
LCM Cable
Double-sided FPC
Immersion Gold : Au :0.03 ~ 0.1um
Peeling: > 0.7 kg/cm
Double-sided FPC
L / S = 2 / 2 mil
Immersion Gold : 0.05um